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Affiliated Technology Organization, INC
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Jarvis Windom, NSA, WAPA, ATA, ABA,  - Educator
Technology Chair

Vice President
Al Giovetti,  Ph.D. CPA, ATA, ABA Educator - Editor
The Computer Show on TV

Tawn A. Rose,  
Prior Publisher of The Software News

National Director
Robert A. Hawkins, Professor
MBA, CPA, Tech Advisor



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The ATO Organization was formed to Enlist Association Members,  Provide Virtual Reality Access, and Serve the Demand for Technology Information Service.

The ATO is subscribing Webmasters,   Technology Experts,  Technology Educators, Editors and other professionals in the field of Technology.   Affiliation consists of ATO becoming members of other organizations and providing the resources they need in the computer industry.    This is a Service Based organization of which you can become a virtual member and be on the technology team.

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