National Society
Public Accountants in Public Practice

A National organization designed to support and serve Individuals and State Association Affiliates.
PAPP will encourage State Public Accounting Associations to be a part of this service to members.

Tax and Accounting Practitioners are the core members.

Serving the emerging industry specific areas of representing the Public Accounting Practices, the RTRP's and Practitioners in the Public Practice field.

PAPP is industry specific in soliciting new members in need of this type organization to serve their needs. 
The PAPP realizes that there are many fine accounting and professional organizations serving the need of the larger markets and their functions.
PAPP function is only there to introduce and provide material, services, and education for Practicing Accountants in Public Practice today.  
It is a grass roots organization.

PAPP will build a relationship with IRS, and other government organizations.
PAPP will provide less costly professional education to it's members or affiliates.
PAPP will give qualified tax research avenues to assist practitioners answer questions.
PAPP will provide avenues to help State Affiliated organizations grow.
PAPP will use technology and the WEB to provide tools to help practicing accountants.
PAPP will offer many free services and tools for accountants to use in their practices, mostly through the internet.

PAPP will welcome the newly credentialed RTRP's and give them more tools to effectively operate their practices.  This will be in the order of Free Education,  Free forms, Free calculators, Free worksheets, Free Information through the WEB, and other services that would assist a Practing Practitioner make a living.