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The greatest mother, and an example of love for everyone.Mom   04/12/1942  -  08/26/1999
Frances N. Windom
A tribute to my mother:   She fed just about everyone she came in contact with.  She owned a Motel so she could house her friends, and those that might be her friends.  Her love for God and His path was how she gave her life.  She was a great mother and cared wonderfully for her whole family.  She died in August 1999 with the legacy of being "a carpenters helper".  My father and mother built a lot.

People called him Jimmy. It was a nick name given to home when young.  He lived to age 79.  He stood the gap for truth, honesty, and hard work.    Donald E. Windom (Dad)  04/15/1918 - 03/03/1997
A Great Father and Builder
He built Commercial and Residential buildings.
As an Architectural Engineer he designed and built many buildings during his lifetime.  In his later life he owned a motel and apartments.  As a Father he provided wonderfully for the family of 3 kids.  As a pioneer leader, he served in the community and state.
His love for God and mankind was evident in the way he lived his life.


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The new Internet retailers working with USATODAY.com include Outpost.com, Discover Brokerage, HomeCom, Mammoth Golf, Justballs!, WebPersonals.com, and others. Earlier this week, CNET announced acquisition of KillerApp in a stock deal valued at approximately $46 million (US$). KillerApp, Corp. owns and operates KillerApp.com, an e-commerce site which provides online comparison shopping services for computer and consumer electronics products. Wireless DimensionTM, an online shopping service for wireless consumers.

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Alabama - Department of Revenue
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Connecticut - Department of Revenue Services
Delaware - Division of Revenue
District of Columbia - Office of Chief Financial Officer
Florida - Department of Revenue
Georgia - Department of Revenue
Hawaii - Department of Taxation
Idaho - State Tax Commission
Illinois - Department of Revenue
Indiana - Department of Revenue
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Maine - Revenue Services
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Minnesota - Department of Revenue
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Missouri - Department of Revenue
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Nevada - State Home Page
New Hampshire - Revenue Administration
New Jersey - Division of Taxation
New Mexico - Taxation and Revenue
New York City - Department of Finance
New York State - Tax & Finance
North Carolina - Department of Revenue
North Dakota - Office of State Tax Commissioner
Ohio - Department of Taxation
Oklahoma - Tax Commission
Oregon - Department of Revenue
Pennsylvania - Department of Revenue
Rhode Island - Division of Taxation
South Carolina - Department of Revenue
South Dakota - Department of Revenue
Tennessee - Department of Revenue
Texas - Window on State Government
Utah - State Tax Commission
Vermont - Tax Department Contacts
Virginia - Department of Taxation
Washington Department of Revenue
West Virginia - Government Page
Wisconsin - Department of Revenue
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