This Page is to Link to All the Tax Preparation Software
Prepare your Income Tax Return on the computer.  
This is a Web based on-line Tax Preparation Link Page. 
Click on any one of the Internet Web Sites to Do your 1040A or 1040EZ right on the internet.

Teach Tax Accounting   This site is used to teach Accounting and Tax Preparation ( Electronic Filing )

Windom Accounting  This site is a great accounting site to Find and Accountant and do Tax Prep

Windom Efile This is a site to do the 1040 A ( 1040a ) and the 1040 EZ ( 1040EZ ) for Low cost. Efile on line.

1040 A Tax    ( 1040atax ) A Web Bases efile tax program.  Do my taxes on the internet.  Do my Short Form.

1040 A Tax Preparation  Prepare my short form right on the net.  Free tax service to see the tax return.  efile

AAAtaxpreparation  A Web page to do your income tax preparation on the net.

J Windom ( jwindom )  Meet the Professional Income Tax Accountant to Prepare your taxes for the government.

Baleigh :  A great Income tax Preparation site to Print my return and prepare my taxes.

NSA Service is a Site for those who are member of the accounting organization that use it for Education and Seminars.