A Tribute to Vance and Barbara Woodbury

Vance was known as one of the hardest working people in the community in Beaver Oklahoma.   He was an outstanding Christian and father.  He not only set an example to his family, but to the many people that he associated with in his walk of life.  He was 59 when he died.

I remember Vance when we were kids growing up.  He was 2 months older than me,  Born in December of 1947.  He lived in Denver with his family after they gave up their farm to a church.   They all lived in Littleton Colorado and went to high school there.   Vance was the oldest of the 4 kids.   Vance, Coeta Janette, Kevin,  Dennis.   We did a lot of things together with the Woodbury family as my folks were friends of Mr. and Mrs. Ledru Woodbury.

Vance and Barbara had 4 kids, Curtis, Scott (deceased), Brad, and Vicki.  All are married, plus they have 8 grandchildren.

There was a period of time that we didn't keep in touch much, as we all went our separate ways.  We went to different colleges.   I then met Vance again in 1994 in Colorado Springs one fall and caught up on old times.  It was a blast.   Since then we have kept in touch through email. 

Later I learned that Vance had worked on the Farm at Big Sandy, TX.  He was in the work program there.   He was working for Buck Hammer.  Barbara was in College.  Walt Curtis worked there also and was running the ranch part.  They all worked under Dale Shurter.  I also remember him talking about working with the Coles and others on different Feast sites.  Curt was named after the Curtis's. 

He moved back to the Beaver OK area and lived in a house about 1/4 mile from where he grew up as a kid.   There they lived until their untimely death by a tornado that got them both.

What a great child hood friend and what a friend in our later life.

Vance was the First Born son of Ledru Samuel Woodbury and Shirley Joan Weir (Woodbury), daughter of Frank Weir and Golda Vera May.  Ledru and Shirley were married on Jan 25, 1947 in Beaver, Beaver, OK.  4 children from this marriage; Vance V. Woodbury (died Mar 28, 2007) , Kevin Woodbury, Coeta Jeanette Woodbury (Jones), Dennis Wally Woodbury (died in 1990).  Curently Ledru lives in Fruita, CO.

Tributes and Memorials can be sent to Vicki Shook in Sayre, OK.

Jarvis Windom  4/07


WOODBURY, VANCE & BARBRA of Beaver County, OK were killed at about 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 28, 2007 when a tornado touched down and flattened their house.  Barbara was in her house when the tornado touched down, crushed the house and killed her instantly.  Vance was outside; it picked him up and they found him a long way away.  He evidently died on the way to the emergency room.  They were the only fatalities in that area.  They have a son, Curt who was just deployed to Iraq and their oldest son, Brad and wife Carissa, and 3 daughters, Vicky (Vance's daughter) and her husband and their son, live in Sair, OK.  

The funeral was held in Beaver, OK on Monday April 2, 2007.

   Please pray for the two sons, for Godís help and support in going on without their parents.

Brad & Carissa Woodbury  
109 Will Rogers Ave,  Guymon, OK 73942-5359,  (580) 338-8218,   
3 little girls,  7,6, 6mo

Curtis Lee Woodbury 35,  Woodword, OK

Vicki Ann Woodbury, baby daughter of Vance

They had a son Scott who died when he was 16 many years ago.  He was in a drowning accident. Playing in the Flood Water.  
That was about 23 years ago.

Barbara Conely and Guy Burk came to the funeral.   Claudette was kind enough to drive her camper down to Beaver before the funeral and stay out at the farm with Coeta and comforted the family.  Thanks Claudette