Virtual Seminars
Virtual Conferencing.

How Does it work?   This is a telephone set up.  It is not on the Internet.  It is made for those that have telephones.

A presenter presents on the regular phone.  Listeners can dial a phone number and receive the message or presentation on regular phone lines.  When a person wants to dial in and receive the presentation, all one has to do it dial the given number, put in the activity code, and you are on the call.   It works just like a large conference call.

So What makes it work?  A presenter can use a cell phone to do the presentation.  We call this "Virtual Networking".  You all can call it whatever you want.  There will be a host dial-in number and a host password number.   There will be an audience dial-in number and a dial-in password number.  (ei.2345#)  The Host is in control of the call.  The host can open the call up for audience participation or the host can mute the audience and deliver the presentation.

It can be used for a proprietary conference calls.  It would be great for a board meeting for very little cost. this is normally limited to a group that can dial inexpensive USA numbers.

Now I'm going to give specifics that I can use:

We are using   Sparks Communications  Click here to e-mail us   1-800-799-8023

 You just dial a regular long distance phone number.   I use 1010636 before I dial the number in order to insure the 4.9 cents per minute.   That is about 3.00 per hour to receive a one hour presentation. The person initiating the call costs a little more but no too much.  For a very little bit more you can have a welcome message added that says something line: "Welcome to the Special message presented by Jarvis Windom.   To connect to the live presentation dial 1234#."  This will immediately connect you to a live seminar.  The big benefit is at the end the host can open it up for comments, and/or questions.  then the host can shut the entire seminar down.

This is not cyber-casting.  Cyber-Casting means using the Internet.   This is simple Telephone Conferencing.

Email me for more information..

Sparks Communication offers Flat-Rate Conference Calls

It is direct dial-in, flat-rate conference calls that enable each individual to take advantage of their own long distance rates while drastically reducing the cost of the call.  All of the conference calls are fully-interactive with muting capabilities.   Each conference call can hold from 2 to 1000+ participants and can be accessed worldwide.  (Easier with in-country).

There is an activation fee of 25.00 for a one-time fee.   If you get Exclusive conference number.   that is you own your own conference number.  You can subscribe  for 15 hrs/day/7 days a week (4am-4pm, 9pm-12am Pacific time daily)  You must use a credit card.  all accounts are automaically renewed.  You must cancel all services in writing.   each conference call holds up to 100 ports.  cancellations take effect at the end of the month.

Sparks Communications
13769-B Mono Way
Sonora, CA 95370
Ph.  209-536-9989
Fax. 209-536-9988
Toll free: 800-799-8233

They also have Miscellaneous services such as:
Personalized Greetings  15.00/mo.
Call recording/rebroadcasting, recorded tapes or DAT tapes, Recorded CD's, music-on-hold, Host-hang-up, Exit tones/ personalized Codes, and other services are available.
Entry tones & Muting Capabilities are free.


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